About Us:
BHARAT News TV is one of the high-on-demand news and current affairs channel running successfully over years. 24×7 Hindi language channel is the first place to receive most recent news that comes from every nook and corner of the country. We have our reporters spread across most of the villages, metro cities and rural parts of the country to bring in the hot news to the public. The BHARAT News TV is founded by the visionary leaders who are also well known socio-political names such as  Mr.Jitendra Singh Baghel.

Our reporting pattern is more focused to bring in those news and updates that the main stream media never telecast. Our dedicated reporter group works day and night to give news from the states of MP and UP including those from other rural/urban regions also. www.bharatnewstv.in is one of the leading digital news providing platform that always strive to pour light on the issues of the under privileged community as well as the social, political and economic scenarios prevailing in our nation.

We broadcast the live reporting from any calamity site, natural disaster locations, or accident scenes. Majority of our content includes news reporting, news analysis and public opinion on any existing matters. We report a wide variety of issues and events that take place in various states and villages.

Our success is in the direct hands of the hard work and dedication that our team put in to report news and events. They work on odd hours and on highly challenging situations to give us news that have potential ability to attract the news viewer’s interest. We have our dedicated editorial team and a highly talented group of reports who work together in reporting, editing, analyzing and broadcasting news and opinions.

We at BHARAT News TV follows the true spirit of Digital India policy by our government. We give the best digital news experience for our viewers with the best blend of News materials with high quality video, audio and content. Our viewers get the best experience integrated with TV, computer, Mobile or any other digital device for viewing content.

Our strong flare of digital journalism helps us maintain high level of perfection and user satisfaction by providing the best combo of news content, technology and its distribution. Our advertising pattern gives much publicity to the product promoted, as we have our reach to millions of audience every day. We aim to be part of the digital revolution, by changing the way that the main stream media is showing the manipulated news and reports as per their convenience.

The growth and appreciation that we achieved over years are the best example for what we can do in the coming days also. We are ready with team of reporters who are available near you to share any news that you think can make an impact.